The media in Kenya is heavily bleeding from the injuries caused by the political elite; the media in Kenya is fighting very hard to ensure that the content published by the media is not faltered by the government. If president Kibaki signs the communication bill he will lay an epitaph to the grave of freedom of press hence the onset of lack of information, communication, and education on the social issues affecting the common person. The only way the common person can express her political, social, and ideological feelings is through the media. Remember it is the mainstream and the citizen media which contribute to the political, social, and technological change in Kenya by exposing the historical and the current injustices on the people.

The communication bill will not only affect the local mainstream media, it will also affect other internet social forums which have been the only avenue for creatively expressing our political, social, and health issue without boarders. One area that will suffer from the bill is the fight against HIV/AIDS, other health related community issues and the social evils in the government like corruption and misappropriation of the public funds. If the Kenyan government is planning to control the content being published by the mainstream media and citizen media then that will mark the beginning of a serious set back in the fight against HIV/AIDS , other health related issues and the social injustices like corruption in the government.

If our policies will filter content then how do we encourage positive behavior through sharing of Information, Communication, and Educative materials across boarders? How do we enable sharing of ideas and methodologies that have worked in other regions? By marking good use of the ICT technologies like the internet we can share creative methodologies in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Mr. President signing that bill is a serious stigma to the fight against AIDS in Kenya and other social issues affecting the common person.

If President Kibaki signs the bill he will legalize corruption since no media will be allowed to cover any political misdemeanors among the Kenyan politicians. How do you hell a wound by causing an injury to healing wound. If that is how Walter Nyambane, Caroline Mutuku, Mwalimu Mati, Fredrick Odhiambo and other protesters were handled by the presidential security details then Kenya is still behind THERE IS NO FREEDOM FOR EXPRESSION IN KENYA. God bless Kenya.


“Yes we can” and “Yes we did it”. On Thursday, November 6, 2008 was a public holiday in Kenya after the breaking news that the grandson of the land had just won the biggest position in the world The seat of the United State of America presidency, yet on 27 December 2007 it was a public mayhem in Kenya after the disputed presidential results. To me the hero of the just ended US presidential elections is John McCain who gave a strong encouraging speech after accepting defeat in the just concluded elections. African leaders should learn from McCain because they are the root cause of historical injustices in Africa before congratulating Obama.

Zimbabwe and Kenya should be ashamed to congratulate President Elect – Barack Obama after they led their citizens into ethnic cleansing after disputed presidential elections. Kenya and Zimbabwe should be chanting the slogan “Yes we can not” instead of “Yes we can” and “Yes we did it”

Kenyan politicians have successful replaced democracy with tribalism which has turned Kenya into a tribal state instead of a democratic state. Most Kenyans still live in fear because of lack of trust from the neighbors who are their own brothers and sisters. Some leaders in 2007 during presidential campaigns in Kenya went around telling their constituents that uncircumcised persons can not lead the country. I wonder if a persons leads by their foreskin or wisdom. I think Kenya should borrow from Americans who have done the honorable thing in the world history by electing the first black president, yes they did it and a grand son of Kenya.

There is a lot of expectation from the President Elect Barack Obama from Kenyan leaders, shame to the Kenyan leaders. When he visited Kenya before becoming the President of the world greatest economy he gave a speech in one of the local university. In his speech Barack told Kenyan leaders on their face that corrupt leadership was the cause of poor economy of the Kenyan. The leaders didn’t take it lightly including the Kenyan ambassador to the US. Now they are happy yet we still have internally displaced persons in camps around the country, what a shame.

Three hours a go the lake is very clear only visible scattered carpets of hypo grass travelling slowly towards nowhere though headed somewhere-Homa Bay, three hours later the lake is a carpet of huge dreaded hypo grass, it looks beautiful though the beginning of a disaster, will they make it back home? I asked myself, women with small children, young men, men and women old and young are juts about to leave Homa Bay back home.

The only means of travel is a local engine boat a vessel that travels in the waters of the great fresh water lake-Lake Victoria, the wonder is that the vessel must first travel in a few meters of the hypo grass on the waters of the lake for hours before finding the waters of the lake. It took the three vessels three hours to travel two hundred meters in the hypo grass in the waters of the great Lake. A journey of a few miles begun with more miles, though finally after three hours of straggle the vessels left the hypo grass, the question is what can be done to the dreaded hypo grass that is slowly eating up the lake. Some days the lake is turned into a grazing filed but no livestock to feed on the hypo grass or livestock farmers harvesting the grass.

Apart from the harmful human activities around the lake the hypo grass is one of the symptoms of the dying ecology. Save Lake Victoria.

I don’t understand the role of industrialization in a country like Kenya because the way it looks to me industrialization is the source of poverty in Kenya. Most of the industries are the sources of suffering in the community and especially to the farmers and the people working in the industries. Bungoma District is one of the major sugar producers in the country “yet the government still imports sugar”, but the life of the farmer is reduced to a nightmare because of the time the local sugar company takes to harvest the cane is more than the required life of the sugarcane “yet the government still imports sugar” , to harvest the sugarcane the farmer needs permission from the sugar industry “yet the government still imports sugar”, some sugar plantations have overstayed and are loosing value yet the farmers cannot cut the cane and sell it to other alternative market because of the contract between the farmer and the local sugar industry that does not allow the farmer to harvest the cane “yet the government still imports sugar” . As a result of that the farmer is poor but with wealth in the shamba, OK even after harvesting the cane the money spent to take care of the sugar plantation is five times the money earned “yet the government still imports sugar”. The minster of agriculture William Ruto, The President, and the Prime Minister what are you up to?

Recently the home of the current Kenya talk of the nation woman was attacked by local village crooks, who ended up stealing a security bulb, thank God it was a local attack from the village crooks. It shows clearly how the grand son as put the grandma at risk of being attacked form within and without.

The attack comes barely a few days after the grandson attempted assassination, could it be that the local village robbers borrowed the idea from what could have happened to Obama? If so then the poor old innocent women maybe at greater risk of attack even from the enemies of the American people. They stole a security light so what? We are the world supper power we will buy a million and one bulbs for the grandma.

Terrorist attack is not a new thing to Kenya because of what happened to the US embassy in Kenya, but the bond between the two countries is renewed, the bond is even stronger because the grandma is in Kenya and the grandson in the US busy with is campaigns and innocently exposing the grandma to the enemy of America. 9/11 is still fresh to American people and the suspect is still at large. I hope that the enemy has not started getting ideas from the local attack. Alego ko Kogelo may be the next scene on the international and local news headlines. Ok the Kenyan government has set a police base in the home of grandma; my question is why after the local attack, what if the attack could have been from the American enemies?