collins dennis oduorCollins Dennis Oduor is a theatre artist and co-founder of REPACTED a youth serving organization based in Nakuru, Kenya. The organization  uses multi media approaches to reach out to the community. Collins Dennis Oduor is a member and a seasoned thespian with the Nakuru Players Theatre Club. Collins Dennis Oduor is the coordinator of REPACTED coordinating peer education activities at the organization level and also does consultancy in Magnet Theatre and Peer Education. In 2007 and 2008 Collins Dennis Oduor won the MTV Staying Alive Foundation Award,  Raising Global Vices Grant in 2008, and the most outstanding Peer Educator in Community Theatre. Collins Dennis Oduor has been the winner of several theatrical awards in story telling and poetry. Apart form community theatre Collins Dennis Oduor is theatre director and play write.

Collins Dennis Oduor ni moja wa wazilisha wa REPACTED kikundi cha vijana kwa vijana kinacho tumia sanaa ya jamii kuelimisha vijana, kule Nakuru Kenya. Collins Dennis Oduor pia ni msani wa sanaa ya jamii na ujiusisha na kutoa uduma ya sanaa ya jamii kwa mashirika mbalimbali. Collins Dennis Oduor kwa jina la sanaa ODU die kiongozi wa kikundi cha REPACTED. Collins Dennis Oduor ni mshindi wa matuzo mbalimbali kama vile MTV staying alive foundation, raising global voices, mwalimu wa rika bora wa sanaa ya jamii na matuzo mengine menge ya sanaa igizo.

  1. john said:

    This great together we move

  2. Roselyn said:

    conguraturations Odu. can u remember me? good friend of Eda.irene from Nrb but by then in NKR.

  3. odu said:

    Irene I know you. How is the going?

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