If we are enjoying the fruits of our theatre advocates (May their souls rest in peace) done 10-20 years ago why do we have to remain the same today lets move up.
As I sit down in this great hall (Shrine of tears) in Nakuru, A gentle man known to me well hands me some documents of the proceedings. As I scan through “artist” shouts at each other in the pretext of haki yetu. A gentle man stands up and shouts mugala muuwe haki umpe. I lift my head slowly and ask myself why? Kanini umuuwe mgala?

This scene reminds me in 1996 when the great late Opiyo Mumma and Lenny Ogolla moved the theatre world by their great English tongue twisters only years later we realize they were saying artist need to work together for the better of our societies.
This gentleman who handed me the papers emerges as the new chairman of the “artist” club of Nakuru. So I had the first privilege of being served by the chair.
My mentor, friend and very good friend Taban Lo Loiyong. Defined an artist as a person who always remembers but he didn’t say what and I agree, and it’s this definition that we want to use n re-awakening this great club.
To my own analysis, so be it out of 84 people sited in this great shrine of tears only 23 are artist out of them only 4 men with the womb (women) why do I say this
 Most of the youth in the hall they don’t understand what art entails. And they have always confused arts and theatre to be:-
-Magnet theatre session
-Annually NOPE festival
-Donor driven groups
-How long have I been hanging around this building called theatre?
 ¾ of people in this shrine of tears came to out shine each other in voice, voting and being known by whom?
Thinking through what a club not “club” entails I have to admit this executive has along way to go. My words of wisdom to this executive is
“The man (of course even women) who loves mother earth who nourishes mother earth, who tends mother earth and all her products, gets rewarded.”

Odu knows this because he has walked this journey for sometime, all the way from a small village in western part of this country to the city in the great rift he must know this very well.
“Our task, the task of the living is to work today in order to eat tomorrow”
 We need to start critically changing this club’s constitution to allow you, me and them to develop. One year in office entails hoop skip and jump kind of leadership of which the result end is always we are trying ……………………….
 The membership criteria should be careful looked into. Why is one calling him or herself an artist?
– what’s art to this person
– He/she is in it because of donors, friends, or deep down he has the passion and anger to develop our culture and maintain it without being compromised.
In away the best story is the story you would like to hear again and again

The people we incorporate on board what are they bringing on board, don’t tell me ideas we have more than enough as long as I remember. We need people now to invest in this club, we need aboard that had a weight to learn on financially, because we have skills and information what we lack is just the reason and we are complete

Odu and the board will challenge me that he’s going to do resource mobilization, until then when he will answer this question what are we giving in return to the people we are targeting to give us resources in return is when I will buy his great idea of resource mobilization.
A couple of weeks ago I was in Northern Sudan to see my old girlfriend Ms. Lily Akol akol and I share this with you, I remember what she asked me in 1997 at 5.00pm as we were taking beer at the sunset bar in the whispers corner . How can you John expect membership of this National Theatre and all you do is have great jobs in the NGO in the context of an artist? This I ask you Odu again?
Why Lily Akol reflection appeal, so much to me is that she is truly touching on repressed/trapped us in NGOs setting in which we seemingly have no escape. Odu can this affect your dream of this great theatre club.
Let’s not live disconnected lives in theatre we need to:-

 Take up all the theatrical activities i.e. be the best planner of the NOPE funded festival and offer true T.A., redesign the festival guideline for theatre practitioners out of school then resources will follow us.
 Mobilize theatre loves not “artist” in the whole of rift valley that’s what you guys call development by involving all.
 Appreciate that the hand fails to throw straight as the eyes see

Guys have you ever asked your self why the government refuses to give youth permits for demonstrations but gives an okay for processions of which to me they are demonstrations in organized manner.
It’s because we have failed to give back responsibility during the demo’s ama ni uwongo

Think today think


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