Otoyo Otoyo, the bitch (dog) and the market women

Otoyo Otoyo was one of the most respected personalities in the village, tall man well built with a weathering away body as a result of consuming hot chang’aa, he was a master piece and with good education he was the only person who could translate local language to English or Swahili and that is only when under influence of two glasses of chanag’aa. One thing about Otoyo Otoyo is that he was much persevered especially after drinking “thing” – the local brew.

Almost every young person in the village wanted to be like Otoyo Otoyo, the only part they did not like was the drinking in him, drinking too much “chang’aa” the local brew. After drinking, Otoyo Otoyo never forgot to buy some roasted meat and accompaniments to reduce the level of intoxication. Passing through the market narrow road was a must because it was the only way to his home.

Passing through the market meant a lot of things to him, women raining jokes to him, children flashing mockery to him and men laughing endlessly at him, what a parade of honor.

One day, as usual from his drinking expedition he passed by the hotel and as a routine he bought some meat and ugali. It was a little late in the evening and the village road very busy, the jokers and the mockers never realized that Otoyo Otoyo was passing. After some few meters Otoyo Otoyo went by the road side to respond gently to the call of nature, he placed the meat and ugali down just next to himself, just to make sure that the food was safe. While helping himself a bitch patrolling the garbage decided to think outside the box to find out what was in the paper bag. And the bitch realized that it was food and so it started helping itself to it.

On the realization that some creature was helping itself out with his food Otoyo Otoyo never bothered to zip up or pull the trouser up but went straight to save the delicious meal. So he attacked the bitch from behind holding its tail, the bitch still held tight the meat. And so he went straight for the rear legs of the bitch and lifted the bitch just like a scene from the blue movies, remember the trouser is down and the bitch is holding tight on the meat not letting the meal go. One of the market women realized the struggle and started shouting, Otoyo Otoyo is……….Otoyo Otoyo bought the meat for the dog to satisfy his thirst, since it was abomination Otoyo Otoyo was stoned to death by the villagers. And the man died….just like that……


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