The two men, the pick up and the casket….

A man had just bought a casket for his dead father; the man hired a pick up to transport the casket to the mortuary to collect the body of his dead father for burial.

On the way, a man by the road side stopped the vehicle for a lift, the driver accepted to help the man, but since the front seat was already occupied, the man had to join the casket behind the pick up. Since the man was in hurry he didn’t mind the casket, and so he joined the casket.

After some time it started raining heavily, the man decided that the best way to avoid being rained on is to take shelter in the casket and so he did take shelter in the casket and locked himself in the casket. It was worm and cool in the casket and so the man fallen a sleep, deep sleep.

Along the way another man stopped the vehicle for a lift and the generous driver accepted to carry the man, and because the front seat was occupied the driver asked the man if he does not mind the casket he could seat at the rear where the it was, and so the man accepted, very fast to avoid waste of time and to avoid the rain, the man joined the casket behind the pick up.

After some distance a lorry approached from behind trying to overtake the pick up but it did not manage to overtake the pick up. Therefore the lorry was moving just behind the pick-up some few meters away from the pick-up tail.

The rains continued pounding heavily. The man in the casket was in deep sleep and because of the warmth in the casket the man started dreaming, kicking and yelling aloud, when the gentleman in the casket came out the casket, it was like scene from hell. It was like the return of the leaving dead. The pick up moving in a very high speed and to avoid the man from the casket the other man (second passenger) jumped out of the pick up only to be crashed by the lorry.

He was crashed beyond recognition brains scattered on the road, body parts demarcated into junks of meat. He was dead…..

    • oduoduor said:

      David I am a story teller most of the stories are creative writing. I will be doing more of the stories. I want to do a collection of my stories on the blog so that people can read about them and maybe publish my blog.

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