The East African Most Endangered Species-THE ALBINOS

Most of the eastern African endangered species are facing extinction from the face of the earth because of their valuable body parts. The former president of the republic of Kenya Daniel Moi set ablaze Elephants and Rhino task worth millions of shillings recovered from the poachers. Just like the blood diamonds, the wild animal’s body parts are being sold through the black market to reach people yet the communities taking care of the game remain poor.

Albinos are special and unique human beings with unique skin pigmentation, but what is so special about the albinos? According to the traditional African black magic albinos are more than what we think they are. Currently albinos in eastern Africa are a moving target for human poachers. In Tanzania before the president issued a warning on the albino poachers, a man was arrested by the police trying to sale her albino wife. Albinos have been reported missing without trace in Kenya and Tanzania. There is a big and ready market for albinos in eastern Africa especially Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, “to be or not to be is not the question” why albinos? That is the question.

It is believed that certain body parts of the albinos can bring richness, if you want to become reach in eastern Africa you look for a witch doctor with that particular body part of the albinos. If you want to become great fisher man you look for a witch doctor with albino hair tie the hair on the fishing net you will get all the fish in from the waters, and some body parts can be used to make love potion. Why do you need fellow human being body parts to make love? The world is crazy.

Fellow eastern Africans let as stop this madness, myths and believes are not a solution to our problems but a problem to our solutions. To me the killing of my albino brothers and sisters is the greatest human slaughter of the 21fast centaury. Albinos are human beings just like any person, they deserve protection and it is there right to enjoy all the human rights. Eastern Africa take care of your sons and daughters, your brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers they are humans not animals.


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