The Communication Bill

The media in Kenya is heavily bleeding from the injuries caused by the political elite; the media in Kenya is fighting very hard to ensure that the content published by the media is not faltered by the government. If president Kibaki signs the communication bill he will lay an epitaph to the grave of freedom of press hence the onset of lack of information, communication, and education on the social issues affecting the common person. The only way the common person can express her political, social, and ideological feelings is through the media. Remember it is the mainstream and the citizen media which contribute to the political, social, and technological change in Kenya by exposing the historical and the current injustices on the people.

The communication bill will not only affect the local mainstream media, it will also affect other internet social forums which have been the only avenue for creatively expressing our political, social, and health issue without boarders. One area that will suffer from the bill is the fight against HIV/AIDS, other health related community issues and the social evils in the government like corruption and misappropriation of the public funds. If the Kenyan government is planning to control the content being published by the mainstream media and citizen media then that will mark the beginning of a serious set back in the fight against HIV/AIDS , other health related issues and the social injustices like corruption in the government.

If our policies will filter content then how do we encourage positive behavior through sharing of Information, Communication, and Educative materials across boarders? How do we enable sharing of ideas and methodologies that have worked in other regions? By marking good use of the ICT technologies like the internet we can share creative methodologies in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Mr. President signing that bill is a serious stigma to the fight against AIDS in Kenya and other social issues affecting the common person.

If President Kibaki signs the bill he will legalize corruption since no media will be allowed to cover any political misdemeanors among the Kenyan politicians. How do you hell a wound by causing an injury to healing wound. If that is how Walter Nyambane, Caroline Mutuku, Mwalimu Mati, Fredrick Odhiambo and other protesters were handled by the presidential security details then Kenya is still behind THERE IS NO FREEDOM FOR EXPRESSION IN KENYA. God bless Kenya.


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