“Yes we can” and “Yes we did it”. On Thursday, November 6, 2008 was a public holiday in Kenya after the breaking news that the grandson of the land had just won the biggest position in the world The seat of the United State of America presidency, yet on 27 December 2007 it was a public mayhem in Kenya after the disputed presidential results. To me the hero of the just ended US presidential elections is John McCain who gave a strong encouraging speech after accepting defeat in the just concluded elections. African leaders should learn from McCain because they are the root cause of historical injustices in Africa before congratulating Obama.

Zimbabwe and Kenya should be ashamed to congratulate President Elect – Barack Obama after they led their citizens into ethnic cleansing after disputed presidential elections. Kenya and Zimbabwe should be chanting the slogan “Yes we can not” instead of “Yes we can” and “Yes we did it”

Kenyan politicians have successful replaced democracy with tribalism which has turned Kenya into a tribal state instead of a democratic state. Most Kenyans still live in fear because of lack of trust from the neighbors who are their own brothers and sisters. Some leaders in 2007 during presidential campaigns in Kenya went around telling their constituents that uncircumcised persons can not lead the country. I wonder if a persons leads by their foreskin or wisdom. I think Kenya should borrow from Americans who have done the honorable thing in the world history by electing the first black president, yes they did it and a grand son of Kenya.

There is a lot of expectation from the President Elect Barack Obama from Kenyan leaders, shame to the Kenyan leaders. When he visited Kenya before becoming the President of the world greatest economy he gave a speech in one of the local university. In his speech Barack told Kenyan leaders on their face that corrupt leadership was the cause of poor economy of the Kenyan. The leaders didn’t take it lightly including the Kenyan ambassador to the US. Now they are happy yet we still have internally displaced persons in camps around the country, what a shame.

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