Three hours a go the lake is very clear only visible scattered carpets of hypo grass travelling slowly towards nowhere though headed somewhere-Homa Bay, three hours later the lake is a carpet of huge dreaded hypo grass, it looks beautiful though the beginning of a disaster, will they make it back home? I asked myself, women with small children, young men, men and women old and young are juts about to leave Homa Bay back home.

The only means of travel is a local engine boat a vessel that travels in the waters of the great fresh water lake-Lake Victoria, the wonder is that the vessel must first travel in a few meters of the hypo grass on the waters of the lake for hours before finding the waters of the lake. It took the three vessels three hours to travel two hundred meters in the hypo grass in the waters of the great Lake. A journey of a few miles begun with more miles, though finally after three hours of straggle the vessels left the hypo grass, the question is what can be done to the dreaded hypo grass that is slowly eating up the lake. Some days the lake is turned into a grazing filed but no livestock to feed on the hypo grass or livestock farmers harvesting the grass.

Apart from the harmful human activities around the lake the hypo grass is one of the symptoms of the dying ecology. Save Lake Victoria.

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  1. Awesome, I did not know about that until now. Thankz!!

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