Obama’s grandma at risk of terrorist attack

Recently the home of the current Kenya talk of the nation woman was attacked by local village crooks, who ended up stealing a security bulb, thank God it was a local attack from the village crooks. It shows clearly how the grand son as put the grandma at risk of being attacked form within and without.

The attack comes barely a few days after the grandson attempted assassination, could it be that the local village robbers borrowed the idea from what could have happened to Obama? If so then the poor old innocent women maybe at greater risk of attack even from the enemies of the American people. They stole a security light so what? We are the world supper power we will buy a million and one bulbs for the grandma.

Terrorist attack is not a new thing to Kenya because of what happened to the US embassy in Kenya, but the bond between the two countries is renewed, the bond is even stronger because the grandma is in Kenya and the grandson in the US busy with is campaigns and innocently exposing the grandma to the enemy of America. 9/11 is still fresh to American people and the suspect is still at large. I hope that the enemy has not started getting ideas from the local attack. Alego ko Kogelo may be the next scene on the international and local news headlines. Ok the Kenyan government has set a police base in the home of grandma; my question is why after the local attack, what if the attack could have been from the American enemies?

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